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Besoin d'avis sur reportage photo-video

par tartarus » Lundi 09 Décembre 2019 8:35

Buying guide for a wheeled cooler

Portability is generally one of the most weaknesses of hard coolers. It’s a bit troublesome to move them around, especially when the ice chests are full of food, drinks, and ice. When you fill-up your cooler with food and drink it can weigh around 100 lbs. and more, this can be a tough task for a person or even a group of people to move it around. This is where the wheeled coolers show their benefits. The wheels will improve cooler mobility and make a fully-loaded cooler easier to transport from place to place. In this post, we will bring you through what to look for in wheeled coolers when you want to purchase one of them.

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What to consider

Coolers with equipped wheels come in many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as a broad range of price options. It boils down to what your budget plan is and what your requirements of a cooler are. The below key factors will ultimately help in deciding which one is the best cooler for you.


Type Of Wheels

Wheel type should be the first thing to take into consideration when you are looking for a wheeled cooler. Do you want a rugged-bearing cooler that is capable of handling bumpy terrain like dirt, grass, and gravel or a smooth-wheeled cooler which is merely for hard and flat surfaces such as a patio? How big the wheels are usually dictating the terrain that a wheeled cooler is suitable for. Bigger wheel size allows your cooler to handle more aggressive ground surfaces.

Number Of Wheels

The number of wheels plays an important part in your cooler comparison. Two wheels models are the most common design while some manufacturers offer the four-wheel coolers, too. The 4 wheels coolers tend to struggle with bumpy surfaces, whereas the 2 wheels ones can handle rugged terrain pretty much easier. If you plan to go for a 4-wheel cooler, make sure to check the locking mechanism for the wheels as you don’t want your cooler rolling about when needed to stay still. The 2-wheel models with the recessed wheels on the other hand, will stand firmly at where you put it.


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Height & Type Of Tow Handle

The tow handle type and its height affect the level of comfortability when the cooler is being wheeled. There are two main types of tow handles: telescopic and permanently affixed. The telescopic handles can be stored down which makes it more convenient for storing than their permanent counterparts. With regard to height, trolly handles with adjustable height ability will save the day, especially in case you usually have to wheel your cooler for long distances.

Cooler Capacity

The bigger your cooler is, the heavier you have to carry. Therefore, one of the first things to decide is what size of cooler suits you best. It’s also worth noting that you will find it is much easier to move a 100+ lbs. cooler with wheels than one without wheels.


Price range

The cooler makers provide plenty of options for wheeled coolers with a wide range of prices. The best cooler for price may cost you around $45-55, while some high-end models require hundreds of dollars for purchasing. Cheaper ones usually come with a shorter lifespan and lower quality, so if you intend to use a cooler frequently for outdoor activities, premium-priced coolers from top cooler brands are worth giving a try.

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Final word

Regardless of the number of coolers on the market, you can be assured that there is always the best fit available for you out there. We hope that this article will help you in picking the right rolling cooler for your upcoming adventures.



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Re: Besoin d'avis sur reportage photo-video

par vasco » Lundi 09 Décembre 2019 21:40

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