Sujet: Photographer seeks office/shooting assistant in Brussels

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Photographer seeks office/shooting assistant in Brussels

par justinjin » Lundi 07 Novembre 2011 13:03

Documentary and corporate photographer newly arrived in Brussels (Etterbeek) needs part-time personal assistant to help expand business. Ideal candidate is a fast and efficient organizer who is not shy to phone people in Belgium and other countries. Good English and native French a must; good German and Flemish, computer and photo-editing skills are advantages. You must be available around 8 – 15 hours a week during daytime, and sometimes go with me on a shoot. Salary is negotiable, but the main reward is experience in the photography world because I will share my knowledge with you. About me: 15 years working as a photo-journalist based in Beijing, Amsterdam and Moscow, published widely (GEO, Time, Newsweek, Paris Match, Stern etc) and shown in festivals and museums such as Perpignan, Arles, FOAM and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (see my latest project on Magnum Foundation site: ... F006#START)
Interested person please mail me with info about yourself, your experience, skills, and availability.



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Re: Photographer seeks office/shooting assistant in Brussels

par BertrandFX » Mardi 06 Décembre 2011 20:11

Bonjour alexandrados, et perreinj.

Soyez les bienvenus sur ce forum francophone.

Je ne comprends pas ce que vous dites, mais ça ne va pas changer le cours de ma vie. Je trouve votre façon de faire fort peu correcte, limite grossière.

Mais comme vous ne comprenez pas ce que j'écris, je vais arrêter de me fatiguer.

Allez, au revoir.

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Re: Photographer seeks office/shooting assistant in Brussels

par nmacpherson » Mercredi 07 Décembre 2011 10:04

Hi All, is a French speaking forum. We are glad to welcome new users, but would greatly appreciate if you could express yourselves in French. Please refrain from using English elsewhere than in this thread. Thanks and good look with the job search.


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Re: Photographer seeks office/shooting assistant in Brussels

par ? » Mercredi 07 Décembre 2011 15:54

oui c'est clair, c'est la moindre des choses...

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