Sujet: Redrock propose une solution pro pour tourner en vidéo avec le D90

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Redrock propose une solution pro pour tourner en vidéo avec le D90

par Bigwig » Dimanche 14 Décembre 2008 14:26


Video Digital SLRs (35mm digital still cameras) now produce amazing high quality HD video and deliver the advantages of 35mm lenses, but remain awkward for use in video and movie production. To meet the needs of filmmakers who are taking advantage of this cutting edge approach, Redrock accessories bring the needed cinema form factor, support, and features to video DSLRs.

Redrock accessories for video DSLRs transform video DSLRs into production-ready cinema solutions by providing:

* Rock-solid 15mm support system
* Follow focus with 35mm lens gearing for accurate and repeatable focusing
* Swing-away mattebox for light management and easy access to changing lenses
* Shoulder mount and handgrips for steady handheld use
* Support cage for enhanced stability and low angle shot

Redrock video DSLR Bundle Benefits

* Convenient form factor and weight of video/film production system
* Modular design: add only the pieces you want, and build as your needs grow
* Compatible
* Industry standard 15mm lightweight rods for stability and compatibility with other products

Redrock video DSLR Bundle Product Configurations

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