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par kattiegreen » Mardi 14 Septembre 2021 11:51

Famous for producing skateboard wheels for more than 40 years, Bones Skateboard has become one of the biggest companies in manufacturing wheels together with Spitfire and Haze. To help skaters understand better about Bones Skateboard products, I will provide you a quick review of 4 main categories of wheels that have been commercialized recently.

There are 4 typical urethane formulas that the company focuses on which are: Bones Street Tech Formula (STF), Bones Original Formula, Bones Skatepark Formula (SPF), and Bones All-terrain Formula (ATF). However, today I will focus on only three special formulas and do not include the Original Formula. If you want to read more about the Original collection, you can visit SkateAdvisors to read the full article reviewing it written by the site owner - Robert Parker.

No more waiting, let’s make a detailed analysis of each formula to make some comparisons with other skateboarding brands.


No matter where you intend to skate, this formula will be able to provide a smooth and effortless ride. ATF wheels are made from urethane and come in only one level of durometer but with different shapes. These wheels are commonly soft with a durometer of 80A for the most comfortable experience.


Bone ATF Rough Riders (Natural Bond) stand out from their counterparts by the significantly larger contact patch which is ideal for stabilizing and smoothing your rides. Skaters are able to conquer all kinds of surfaces, even the toughest things like dirt, grass, or rocks. Moreover, this type offers two sides of 56 and 59 mm for bigger and wider set-ups.

If you are looking for a narrower option for this formula, the Bones ATF Mechanical Bond is for you. This is like a smart combination of lightness and maneuverability. Since these wheels assure that riders won’t scratch their VX or drop their phones, they are highly preferred by skate filmers. For this option, customers are able to choose 4 sizes of 52mm, 54mm, 56mm, and 59mm.


As the name has stated, STF is specially designed for street skating and comes in 6 different shapes and 2 durometers. Unlike the previous formula, these wheels have the durometers of either 99A or 103A which is relatively hard for skateboard wheels. Thanks to this level of hardness, high precision, and excellent control while conquering paved streets and rough concrete are highly complimented.

The first two types of STF are the V5 Sidecut and V6 Wide-cut. Skaters can easily notice the V5 version by the cut-out profile for gaining better stability and longer grinds on curbs or ledges. The V5 Sidecut has 7 sizes ranging from 51mm up to 56mm. On the other hand, V6 Wide-cut is only available in two sizes of 54mm and 56mm but has a larger contact patch and a side-cut profile.

For the widest contact patch, skaters should go for the V4 Wide version. This version is a great fit for the excellent stability and solid landings when riding downhill. Contrarily, the V3 Slim is the narrowest one with limited width and curved edges. V3 is only recommended for technical street skaters who are into flip tricks and manual skating since this version is capable of providing a fast flick and good sliding.

The remaining versions in the whole STF collection are the V1 Standard and V2 Lock. While the V1 pursues the traditional trait of classical shape and ability for all-around performance, V2 is noticeable by the tight profile and a straight edge.



This type of wheel comes with two durometers of 81B and 84B and has only two versions: P5 Sidecut and P6 Wide-cut. The most interesting feature of this collection is the abrasion resistance. Hence, riders can bounce on slick surfaces with ease.

Like the STF V5 Sidecut, the SPF P5 Sidecut is also designed for slides and grinds. For conquering mini-ramp and half-pipe at skateparks, the P5 version is the best option. Unlike the V5 products, the P6 version has a larger riding surface; therefore, it provides better stability so that riders can skate any obstacles on their way. While the P5 Sidecut is available in 4 different sizes from 52 to 54 millimeters, its counterpart only has 2 options of either 54mm or 56mm.


These products are all reliable and long-lasting skateboard wheels so skateboarders don’t need to worry about the differences of quality between these collections. Although the price of Bones products is slightly higher than the average, these superior quality wheels will never let you down.

For novices in skateboarding, I would recommend they purchase wheels from the Original collection so they can get Bones wheels at the lowest price and figure out which style in skateboarding they are into. If you haven’t known how to trigger your passion with skating, don’t miss hundreds of articles sharing valuable experiences from Robert Parker - a professional skater and the owner of SkateAdvisors.



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